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Privacy policy of the Sugat Group website


Protecting the privacy of visitors to our website is important to us and we take special care of it. In this document you will find the privacy policy of the Sugat Group website (hereinafter: regarding information provided by visitors to this website, as part of the website or in any other digital activity related to the website.

The purpose of the privacy policy described here is to ensure that the data about you are stored in databases and used only with the consent of the visitors to the site and in accordance with the provisions of the law. We would like to emphasise that visitors to the website are under no legal obligation to provide us with information and that the provision of information depends on their will and consent.

If any visitor to the Site believes that his or her privacy has been violated in any way, he or she is invited to contact the Site administrators using the contact information provided at the bottom of the Site.

The terms “information” or “personal information” used in this document mean any identifying information about visitors to the Site provided as part of the registration process for the Site, as well as any identifying information collected about any of the visitors to the Site while browsing the Site or participating in any particular activity on or through the Site.

1. Your agreement to the Privacy Policy

Registration for the Website or any service provided through it, and participation in any activity related to the Website, is only available to those who are 13 years of age or older. If you are under 13 years of age, you may not provide any information about yourself unless you have the consent of a parent and are using the parent’s information.

Browsing, the activity of providing personal information on the website, indicates consent to everything written in this document and to the use of information about you in accordance with all laws. If you do not consent, you should not continue browsing the site or providing this information and you can contact the site administrators via the contact form so that we can assist you. We will use personal information about you in the ways described above as described in this document or as required by law.

Any information about you that is provided or collected as part of browsing, registration or use of the Website will be stored in the databases that serve the Website, the purposes of which include: optimising the service and relationship with Website users; for operational, marketing, research and statistical needs; processing information for these purposes, including direct mail and direct requests for the purpose of realising these purposes and subject to the provisions of any law.

Registration for the Website or for any Activity related to the Website may involve the use of an email or text messaging system (SMS, WhatsApp, etc.) for the purposes of administration, operation, verification, identification or any other action necessary for the management and operation of the Website, the Activity or other ancillary services; for this purpose, your prior consent will be required before any communications, updates, benefits or offers may be sent.

2. Your privacy – what information do we collect and why?

Personal information collected about you may include, but is not limited to, the following, as appropriate

Technical information: It may include unidentified browsing, exposure or usage data that is automatically collected for statistical and aggregation purposes, to enable the proper management of the Website and the services it offers, such as improving the service provided by the Website, the experience of using it, activating additional services on the Website or related to it, modifying or canceling existing content or services on the Website, documenting consent to be given to us to receive services from the Website (mailings, promotional materials, etc.), and other internal, commercial and statistical purposes.

We may also collect details of the surfer’s Internet service provider, their IP address and the domain name used by the surfer when browsing the site or registering for the activity, the location of the device used to make the aforementioned registration, the times at which the surfer connects to the service and other technical details that may enable us to know how to access the page, the activity, the registration or the site itself.

Cookies and other technologies: the website uses special files to collect information, called cookies. The purpose of using these files is to collect information that will help to operate and improve the website, to analyse the nature of its use or the services it provides, and to understand the personal preferences of website visitors in order to make it easier for them to use. This information may also be used to display advertisements or offers to surfers for the purchase of products or use of various services provided by the website or other commercial entities that communicate with it.

These advertisements and offers may appear on various websites and platforms visited by the Site’s surfers. Cookies are actually text files that are automatically created during the visit to the website, if the user’s computer or mobile device settings allow it. Some of them are automatically cancelled when the page or the application that activates the page is closed, and others can be stored in the memory of the device used for browsing.

These files, known as cookies, contain information on how the surfer reached a particular page on the network and how he/she used it (such as settings, duration of use or exposure to the page, pages linked to it or similar services). It is possible that these files may store information about the browsing habits of the site visitors on other websites, such as certain pages visited and actions performed on them. Other technologies that are activated on the Site belong to third parties who will also be exposed to the information collected by them.

All visitors to the website can prevent or limit the use of cookies through the settings of the browser they use. This can be done by following the instructions on the help pages of the various browsers. It should be noted, however, that changing the aforementioned settings may prevent surfers from using some of the site’s services.
Information provided by the surfer: personal information about you that you voluntarily provide, such as your first name, last name, e-mail address and profile picture, when you enter or register on the Site or for any activity related to the Site, when you contact the Site or someone on its behalf to obtain a service, and the like.

Payment and purchase details: If you have made a purchase on the Site, the information you provided during the purchase, such as credit card details for the transaction, contact details of the purchaser, order details and/or any other information relating to your purchases on the Site, may be stored in the Site’s database. This is done to process the information, to enable efficient delivery of the products purchased and to facilitate the completion of the purchase and future purchases.

If the execution or processing of all or part of the order is entrusted to a third party, these details will be communicated to that third party for the sole purpose of carrying out and completing the purchase. As a result, you may receive communications from that third party, by any means of communication (email, SMS or otherwise), solely for the purpose of completing the purchase.
Such information collected by us may also be used for service improvement, technological improvement, marketing studies and general business purposes of the Site.

3. Transfer of information to third parties

The Company will not transfer personal information about you to third parties unconnected with the Website, unless permitted or required to do so:

within this document;
as required by law;
In accordance with your request;
In accordance with your request for the purpose of activating or purchasing or receiving a service from a third party through the Website, then the necessary information will be transferred to that party for the purpose of completing the process and providing the service;
to the Website’s service providers in order to enable and/or improve the Website and the experience of browsing it, to adapt it to your preferences, to monitor the nature and extent of surfers’ use of the Website and to show you marketing communications that may be of interest to you;
to process your reports or requests in connection with the website or activities related to it, which require the cooperation of related service providers;
in the event of a dispute and/or claim and/or litigation between you and the Website;
in response to a court order or request from a competent authority or to prevent the commission of a crime;
to prevent serious harm to you and/or your property or to the body or property of a third party or to the Website;
In the event of the merging of the Site with another entity or the merging of the Site’s activity with the activity of a third party, provided that the recipient of the above information accepts the provisions of this document with all its limitations and conditions;
In any case and in any way, your express consent will be given to us.
The information may be transferred and/or stored outside the borders of Israel in connection with the above purposes.

4. Information security

The Site uses various technological security measures to protect the information that appears on the Site and to prevent its use, deletion, damage or intrusion by unauthorised parties.
Despite these measures, the SITE cannot guarantee the absolute security and preservation of the information appearing on the SITE or in its records and we cannot guarantee that the servers on which the SITE is stored will be completely immune from unauthorised intrusion and disclosure of such information. Therefore, the Site is not responsible and will not be liable in the event of intrusion, hacking and/or any damage that may be caused beyond the control of its administrators.

5. Third Party Sites

The Site contains links to third party sites such as social networking sites, payment clearing sites and other sites. Clicking on any such link is at your own risk as the Site has no control over the content, features, terms of use and privacy policies of such sites. Browsing of such external sites is not covered by this policy and you should consult the privacy policies of such sites.

6. The right to access information

In accordance with the Data Protection Act 1981-1981, the surfer, or someone on his or her behalf, may consult the information concerning him or her contained in the site’s databases and, if necessary, ask the site’s administrators to delete or modify the said information. In order to do so, it is necessary to send a message using the contact form that appears in the top menu.

7. Confirmation of receipt of mailings

If the website wishes to send users updates, content, offers of services and products, etc. from time to time, this information will be sent to you if you have given your consent when registering with the website. This consent may be withdrawn at any time. If you wish to do so, you can contact the site administrators using the contact form in the top menu.

8. Changes to the Privacy Policy

The Site reserves the right to change the terms of this policy from time to time. If the terms are changed, the change will automatically appear on this page. Your continued use of the Site will mean that you accept the changes, so you should check back from time to time.


Nothing in this document is intended to or shall be construed as creating any partnership, joint venture, employment, agency or other relationship between you and the Site or its administrators.

If any provision of these terms and conditions is found to be unlawful, void or unenforceable, that provision shall be deemed severable from these terms and conditions and shall not affect the validity of the remaining provisions.

Any use of the information and/or any claim, demand or request arising from such use under the terms of this document shall be governed exclusively by the laws of the State of Israel. The exclusive place of jurisdiction will be a qualified court in Tel Aviv-Yafo and the applicable law, whether substantive or procedural, will be Israeli law.

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